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Ketra Lighting Is Transformative

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Explore Stunning Illumination for High-End Living Experiences

At the heart of the Blue Ridge Mountains, Asheville and the surrounding areas have become a hub for visionary design professionals striving to blend natural beauty with sophisticated living for their clients. In this quest for perfection, the innovative allure of Ketra lighting has emerged as a beacon of luxury and technological advancement, transforming ordinary spaces into extraordinary sanctuaries.

Read below to discover how Ketra is taking the lighting industry by storm and explore the reasons why your clients would love this brand in their homes. 

What Is Ketra Lighting?

Ketra is a premium brand offering human-centric natural light systems. With its unparalleled full-spectrum LED technology, it presents a palette of infinite lighting possibilities that go beyond mere illumination.

Fine-tuning color temperatures and mimicking the dynamic nature of natural light sets a new standard in the world of high-end residential lighting. For North Carolina's elite homeowners and the architects and interior designers who shape their spaces, Ketra is synonymous with unmatched elegance and cutting-edge functionality.

What Are the Benefits of Ketra Lighting?

Imagine going beyond the basic light bulb's function of on and off and instead adding the following benefits to your daily lifestyle:

Wellness and Comfort

Wellness intertwines with everyday living with Ketra. Home lighting harmonizes with the human body's circadian rhythms, its natural light emulation infusing indoor environments with a sense of outdoor freshness, promoting better sleep, mood, and overall well-being.

Aesthetic Enhancement

Beyond mere functionality, Ketra elevates interiors by accentuating the unique architectural elements and design details that define luxury homes. From the warm hues of a rustic cabin to the sharp contrasts of a modernist estate, Ketra makes it possible to curate the perfect settings that resonate with your intended design narrative.

Seamless Integration

Thanks to seamless integration with leading control platforms like Control4 and Lutron, homeowners may effortlessly manage their lighting, creating an intuitive and responsive living environment that anticipates their needs.

Collaborative Opportunities for Asheville's Design Community

Mojo Smart Home collaborates with local designers and architects in new build projects and remodels to bring a breathtaking interplay of light and shadow to living areas. Imagine highlighting a home's original craftsmanship while introducing a contemporary flair with Ketra lighting, showcasing art's vibrant colors and subtle nuances, or lifting moods with color temperatures that match the sun's warming glow.

We're North Carolina's Premier Ketra Dealer

We invite Asheville's architects and interior designers to explore the boundless potential of Ketra lighting by connecting with us today. Our partnerships are built on a foundation of innovation, creativity, and a shared commitment to elevating the living experiences of our mutual clients. With Ketra, we offer not just lighting solutions but a canvas upon which the dreams of homeowners and the visions of designers converge.

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